Datum: onsdag 11 september
Tid: 19:00 - 22:00
Plats: Fängelset
Arrangör: Revival Booking + Fängelset
Åldergräns: 13 år
Facebook event: Facebook event
Köp biljett: Köp biljett

Straight from supporting Depeche Mode on their 2024 European tour. Signed to Sub Pop 2023 the band announced their third record, Careful! and released the single ”Build a Bridge”. The band played Pitchfork Music Festival on July 22, which the Chicago Sun-Times called ”an unforgettable triumph”[12]

Their record Careful! was released on September 8. Pitchfork said of the record, ”nearly every song sounds like a long-lost gem from post-punk’s 1980s heyday, with subtle updates from four subsequent decades of indie music.”[13]

Taking on Fängelsets stage for the first time, a group consisting go Gothenburgs loveliest inde-musicians capitulating the sound of a summer breeze.

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