Exit Release consert

Datum: fredag 19 april
Tid: 19:00
Arrangör: Exit
Åldergräns: 13+
Pris: 60kr (kort eller swish)

EXIT Release consert + Gryningen

EXIT is an Alternative Rock band with a distinctive, yet diverse sound. The band is unrestricted in their songwriting, focusing on creating the best music, regardless of structure or sound combination. They can write unique and creative music while still being easily accessible and interesting. EXIT thrives during their live shows with them always giving everything they have.

The band was formed in 2018 by the five classmates from Gothenburg, Sweden who found each other through their love of music. From the start, the band wrote their own songs with varying quality, but not limited to any genre or style. It wasn’t until 2022 that they made their debut with EXIT EP, which was recorded entirely by the band themselves. It is a tongue in cheek Rock blend well worth your 15 minutes, sung in swedish.

Right after releasing their EP, the band began to work on their first album. While still being entirely independent, the band did all of the recording on their own, lead by their bassist, Milton Lopes Arespång. With this album, the band wanted to make a statement for themselves by writing bigger, better and longer songs with the hopes of attracting some real attention. After over a year’s work, they released The Exit on the 30th of March 2024.

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