Datum: lördag 11 november
Tid: 19:00 - 22:00
Arrangör: Revival Booking & High 5ive
Pris: 165.-
Facebook event: Facebook event
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– In 2023 FUTURE PALACE will be on their biggest headline tour to date, providing numerous new opportunities to finally be able to hear their distinguished second album ”Run” live. The Berlin post-hardcore trio started their career under unusual circumstances: the band released their debut album almost in time for the pandemic-related standstill of the entire concert culture.While they celebrated an almost meteoric rise as a studio band during this time and were able to record an incredible 330,000 monthly listeners on Spotify at times, concerts had to remain a hope for the future for the time being. In the meantime, the band already released their second album and was finally able to fulfill their dream of much acclaimed performances.The newly announced dates of the ”Run” tour for 2023 also lead FUTURE PALACE to headline shows outside of Germany for the first time and thus also include dates in the Netherlands,Great Britain and the Czech Republic. In addition, the band will appear at some of the most important scene events playing at all five Impericon Festival in Germany, Austria and Switzerland next to scene heavyweights such as The Ghost Inside or Bury Tomorrow.The announcement of the new tour dates is the culmination of a brilliant year 2022, in which FUTURE PALACE have already been able to accumulate an almost infinite number of milestones and highlights with their album ”Run”.
Tickets for the concerts of the ”Run” tour 2023 are available now.


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