Datum: tisdag 15 oktober
Tid: 19:00 - 23:00
Plats: Fängelset
Arrangör: Revival Booking och Fängelset
Åldergräns: 13 år
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REVIVAL is pleased to invite you to an evening of ethereal mysticism, primal power and melancholically gritty folk with two intensely cinematic acts who have gained stratospheric acclaim through their uniquely beautiful energy, diversely profound vision and prolific expression.
Join us and let your souls be lost in the labyrinth of KALANDRA (NO) & LILI REFRAIN (IT) at Fängelset on Tuesday, 15/10, Kollektivet Livet on Wednesday 16/10. 

Kalandra (NO)
Norwegian cinematic folk / pop band, Kalandra are firmly rooted in melancholic Nordic folk pop, interwoven with ethereal melodies and gritty guitars. Well on their way to becoming one of the most prolific bands in Northern European folk-pop landscape, Kalandra’s deeply engaging music impresses with innate skill from this talented four-piece alongside profoundly poetic lyrics, a genre-bending diversity, and a unique, mystical sound that pleases alternative pop and folk fans as well as metal-heads alike. Kalandra’s uniquely beautiful energy combined with intense artistic vision leaves fans breathlessly gripped by their ethereal, melodic atmosphere which is as much a modern masterpiece as something sacred and ancient.

Lili Refrain (IT)
Lili Refrain is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer based in Rome, Italy. Her incredible power and transcendental soundscapes epically traverse a rich territory between heavy, ritualistic psychedelia, shamanistic minimalist folk, and seamlessly employ a labyrinth of guitar, looping, percussion and stunning vocals in real time without the use of computers or pre-recorded material. The combination of Lili’s droning, heavily riffing electric guitar, rhythmic percussion and synthesizers along side her incredible voice which is an instrument itself, illustrate Lili as a virtuoso in the true sense of the word, a rare and genre bending talent. Her live performance is mesmerizing, a deeply emotive, unforgettably visceral and cathartic experience.

Biljetter släpps 28/3 – 10.00

Tid: 19.00
Plats: Fängelset, 
Kålltorpsgatan 2, 416 52 Göteborg
Ålder: 13+ Biljetter säljes via tickster https://www.tickster.com/sv/events/search?q=revivalbooking
vid vidare frågor: contact@revivalbooking.com

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